The Storksak Story

When buying a Storksak product, you are supporting the two Aussie Mums who manage Storksak in Australia & New Zealand! 

T H A N K   Y O U !

Natalie and Nicole met and became friends while in high school, and bonded over their mutual love of fashion, romantic comedies and boys (they were 13!). When they each had children and went on maternity leave at a similar time, they decided to put their passion for motherhood, spending time with their kids and their knowledge of baby products to use. They now have the distribution rights to Storksak in Australia and New Zealand.  They want to make a difference to everyday lives for pregnant women, mothers and fathers and are passionate about distributing innovative baby products which give mothers the confidence to look amazing and feel equally as good.


Storksak Co-founder| Creative director | Melanie Marshall | Storksak - Award-winning Baby Changing Bags & Accessories  Storksak Co-founder | Manager director | Suzi Bergman | Storksak - Award-winning Baby Changing Bags & Accessories


Multi-award winning nappy bag brand Storksak was founded in 2003 by Melanie Marshall and Suzi Bergman (see photos above). With a single aim; to design one bag that does two jobs. Bags that you will love enough to use as your regular bag, with all the intelligent features to make your job easier as parents. Almost 17 years later, their ethos is still the same. By selecting only the finest materials and hardware, all our bags offer the durability parents rely on. Taking pride in every fabric, detail and finish, we ensure that every product we make is nothing less than exceptional. Inspired by fashion, but not led by it, our designs don’t go out of style. Every Storksak bag is wear tested with as much emphasis on the inside as the outside, which is where the design architecture really makes the difference. A new collection is designed each season, funnelling all our ideas and experience into bringing you the finest designs to suit your individual lifestyle. Made to use everyday, and designed to last. We are proud of our designs, and passionate about out community. We are Storksak.



All Storksak products are tested to EU and US standards to provide optimum safety for you and your child. We are proud to share that every single product we create is completely free from BPA, lead and phthalates. We work with INTERTEK an international product testing and certification company, who keep us updated on the latest research, legal requirements and chemical information. We thoroughly wear-test all our products to ensure they meet our high levels of expectation. All of our products are designed with meticulous attention to detail, from the initial design concepts in our London studio, through to every stitch made in our factories.



We believe the best things are done together. After a 15 year relationship with our carefully chosen main factory, we have been able to learn and grow with their support and intuition. Whist we do use more than one supplier, we like to stay loyal to manufacturers and suppliers we trust, as this makes for happier teams everywhere. We visit our factories regularly to develop new and exciting products, as well as ensuring our high standards are always maintained.

Our factory partners are chosen due to their exceptional technical expertise and high integrity across all areas of manufacturing, including the careful consideration taken when sourcing materials and as importantly, the fair treatment of their employees. All our factories are externally audited and work with us to ensure we are pushing every part of the process in reducing unnecessary waste and carbon emissions.