Rpet Recycled Polyester

In today’s society where excessive plastic waste is damaging our planet, we are looking at ways to reduce our environmental impact. Creating functional bags from waste is our first step on this journey. Our ECO TRAVEL range is made from RPET, recycled polyester. A process which turns plastic bottles into usable fabric, reducing the amount of waste in landfill and decreasing water and energy consumption.

This special ECO edition uses the same patented innovative design as the Travel main range but has been reinvented with our planet in mind.

Pet Bottles
Pet Chips
Rpet Polyester Yarn

Waste reduction: Plastic bottles are diverted from landfill, reducing soil contamination and water and air pollution.

Lower energy consumption: The process of converting PET bottles into recycled polyester uses 33-53% less energy, than producing virgin polyester.

Reduction in CO2 emissions: Recycled polyester doesn’t require Petroleum as a source of raw material. Reducing the demand for the extraction of precious raw minerals.

Premium quality: Recycled polyester is as strong and durable as virgin polyester.