Hospital Bag




You never know when your baby is going to make an appearance, so it’s best to be prepared.
When it comes to packing your hospital bag,we recommend taking two bags - one larger bag and smaller bag which you can easily fit your essentials in.
And we've created two bags that are designed to work perfectly together -  the Cabin Carry-on and the Shoulder Bag. 
 So that you are truly ready for your baby’s arrival, we’ve created the ultimate hospital bag checklist especially for you.
Being a mum for the first, second, third or even fourth time is daunting, many women go into labour up to two weeks before their predicted due date so  is important to have your hospital bag ready. You are likely to stay at the hospital for 1 to 5 nights, so ensure you have enough clothes and toiletries for 5 days for you and your baby ( if the hospital does not provide clothes for bub).
There are lots of things you can pack to make your time in the hospital more comfortable and some things that are an absolute necessity. Check out our gallery for inspiration and our easy to follow check list which you can download below and print off, then just tick off the items as you pack them.
  • Hospital Bag - Either your nappy bag or a travel bag
  • Comfy clothes - Birthing Nighty, PJ, Comfy day clothes, 
  • Leaving Clothes - A set for you and bub
  • Baby Blanket - You will want to leave hospital with your baby wrapped up
  • Personal essentials - Toiletries, Nipple Cream
  • Entertainment - Book, Magazine, Ipad