How To Organise Your Virtual Gender Reveal


Nobody really saw this extraordinary time of isolation and social distancing coming. Now that it is here, we have to embrace it.  So how can you make your gender reveal plans happen? Whether you were planning your own gender reveal party to share the news with your loved ones or someone was planning the event for you, it can still go ahead virtually.
In a virtual gender reveal, everyone meets up over their smartphones or laptops to find out at the same time the gender of the unborn baby.  The reveal of the gender will be just as exciting as the in-person event and in today's social climate - very on-trend! It is also great for relatives and friends who live far away who may not have been able to be a part of an actual party.


Decide which site you'll be using to connect your live video chat to.  Some of our favourites include Skype, Zoom, Facetime, Google Hangouts and House Party.
We recommend going with the app you feel most confident using and one you know everyone will find easy to use, as remember not everyone will be as tech-savvy. 


One of the most important details when planning a gender reveal is who will be the one to find out the gender beforehand. The idea behind a gender reveal is you nominate someone to find out the sex of the baby from the scan and then they purchase the correct gender reveal accessories. You may like to ask the doctor to pop it in an envelope or even email it to the friend or family member who will help organise the event.


Just because the gender reveal is not in person, it doesn’t mean you can’t decorate!  There are a variety of online shops to buy gender reveal decorations so you can decorate your home, garden or wherever you choose to share the news.  

There are some great places to source online party decorations.  Some of these include -  



Some of Storksak's suggestions for announcing the gender are:

  • By popping a balloon filled with blue or pink glitter
  • Ask your favourite baker to create a blue or pink cake, topped with vanilla or chocolate frosting. The cutting of the cake will reveal the gender
  • Bursting confetti poppers
  • Gender reveal balloon release kit
  • Gender reveal pinata 

With a simple plan you can make your party a virtual gender reveal to remember!


From the team at Storksak, we wish you a wonderful and safe pregnancy.  We hope that if you do decide to have a virtual gender reveal, that it is very exciting and lots of fun!



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