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Being pregnant is such an exciting time! We're going to talk about what to pack in your hospital bag and list what you'll need to include. Even if you're not planning a hospital birth, you may need to go in unexpectedly. We suggest trying to have a bag packed by the time you are about 36 weeks pregnant.
A great bag to have ready for labor is something from Storksak’s Travel Range such as the Cabin Carry-On or Duffle Bag.  The Cabin Carry-On is a wheeled travel bag with a patented hanging organiser inside. The organiser allows you to pack, hang up, and use without unpacking. It is the perfect hospital bag and can be used afterwards to keep you organised on short trips.
The Cabin Carry-On bag is available in three colours, including an Eco-Friendly option. 

 what to pack in your baby hospital bag nappy bag 


  • Front-opening or loose-fitting pajamas or tops if you're going to breastfeed
  • Dressing gown and slippers
  • Nursing bras, nipple cream - if you have chosen to breastfeed
  • Breast pads - whether or not you plan to breastfeed, you will need pads to stop leakage
  • Old comfy dark undies - forget the pretty panties and take lots of cotton ones. You'll be glad, especially if you have a caesarean, as the elastic will be right up by your waist and not near your scar
  • Toiletries - decant anything you need into travel-sized bottles. Keep to the basics - such as deodorant, toothbrush and paste, face wipes (or cleanser) and moisturiser
  • Maternity pads - maternity pads are bigger, more absorbent and softer than regular ones. You will probably need to change your pad every couple of hours
  • Going home clothes - keep them comfy and loose and try and find waistbands that don't sit low on your tummy, just in case you have had a caesarean
  • Hand sanitiser and disposable or washable face mask for you and dad
  • Your birth plan and any paperwork you’ve been asked to complete by the hospital and/or for insurance
  • Camera/video camera, phone and chargers Music, books or magazines, games, playing cards
  • Notebook and pen

 what to pack in your hospital bag for baby



  • Cotton wool balls - for changing baby's nappy. There are wipes available that are suitable for newborns, but many hospitals may still advise against using them until baby is two to four weeks old as their skin is so sensitive
  • Tissues and wet wipes - there's always something to mop up!
  • Change mat – all Storksak nappy bags come with a comfy, padded wipe clean change mat however if you would like to buy an extra one, we also have these available SHOP CHANGE MATS NOW >
  • Nappies for newborns and nappy cream - count on changing baby's nappy about 10 times a day
  • Muslin swaddle blankets if you would like to use your own, otherwise the hospital will supply one for your baby. Storksak’s muslins are made from a luxuriously soft blend of fibres carefully selected to be gentle enough for use on delicate skin and keep your baby warm and snug. The generous size makes these swaddles versatile enough for a multitude of uses whether swaddling a baby, using as a burp cloth or discreet nursing cover.  SHOP MUSLINS NOW >  to see the elegant unisex prints making them the perfect choice for your baby
  • Scratch mittens to prevent your little one from scratching themselves
  • Cardigans for baby - pack two for extra warmth, even in spring or summer
  • Socks or booties - socks tend to stay on baby's feet far better than old-fashioned booties
  • Sleep suits – in a range of sizes
  • Bottles and formula (if you bottle feed)
  • Hooded towel and face cloth if you would prefer to use your own, otherwise the hospital will provide this. If you decide to bring your own, look no further than Storksak’s beautifully soft and gentle hooded towel and matching washcloth made from luxurious 100% viscose from bamboo super-soft towelling. Quick drying and up 60% more absorbent than cotton our bamboo fabric means your little one keeps warmer and dryer quicker after bath time. The washcloth is also gentle for use on baby’s delicate skin and remains soft wash after wash. SHOP TOWEL SETS NOW >
  • Baby hat - for the ride home
  • One outfit for the trip home (all-in-one stretchy outfits are easiest)
  • Baby blanket - keep baby snug on the way home

 baby organiser baby change mat

It’s also a handy idea to keep a small organiser in the back of you car for emergencies – the Storksak Noa Mini Organiser is the perfect choice and can easily fit a few nappies, wipes, disposable nappy bags, hand sanitiser and a clean jump suit. For us Storksak mum’s, it has been a lifesaver on a number of occasions! SHOP MINI ORGANISERS NOW >


To see the full range of Storksak's Hospital and Nappy Bags


Whatever life brings, Storksak will be by your side  xx


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